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Do you make your purchases in the USA and want to bring them to your home quickly and economically?, Or do you have your business and need to import spare parts and merchandise for your clients?

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At Mr Envíos, we provide you with timely estimates on shipments from the US.
Discover how you can import your items in a timely manner at the most affordable prices.

Door to door from Miami to Colombia

Make your purchases and send them to our dedicated virtual locker located in Miami. Let the world's best carriers handle your shipment. We in Mr Envíos will ensure that all your items purchased are shipped in a secure and timely manner. We will consolidate and provide door to door delivery.

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Commercial Cargo Miami - Colombia

If you need to import several items in commercial quantities, we have a team of professionals readily available to meet your requests and advise you on the policies and forms of your shipments to Bogota. In Mr Envíos we consolidate your shipments with the most competitive pricing quickly and efficiently.

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Whenever you purchase a smartphone in the US, please contact our team, we are readily available to assist you with competitive shipping rates and ensure your shipment with us at Mr Envíos is secure and reliable. The best service at an affordable price.

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Visit us when you need to send documents with Mr Envíos in a fast and secure manner with real-time tracking. Your documents are very important to us. Please contact our team for more information on our competitive shipping rates.

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